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The new edition of The Beer Journal is now available at fine book stores everywhere. All styles have been updated to conform with the 2008 BJCP style names. Included are basic style descriptions, vital statistics of each style, key characteristics of each style, and suggested glassware. Of course The Beer Journal comes with over 180 pages for taking notes on the ever-growing, incredible diversity of beers in this world.

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Praises for The Beer Journal

Carolyn Smagalski, The Beer Fox, BellaOnline's Beer and Brewing Editor.
The Beer Journal - The Best in Personal Logbooks
"With The Beer Journal, you will have a documented log of those that titillate, those that infuriate, and those that seem unfamiliar. As your experience increases, you may revisit the ones you have spurned, finding them to be more satisfying as your own personal growth expands. Chris Wright hit it “on the mark” with this little gem."
--Carolyn Smagalski

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Become a better Beer drinker!

The ultimate resource for beer drinkers – both connoisseurs and casual tasters. A tool to chart your journey through the landscape of hand crafted beers.

Keeping a journal of your beer tasting can be fun. You can track changes in your tastes or powers of perception, changes in different beers, and share your thoughts with other beer enthusiasts. You can challenge yourself to try as many different types of beers as possible and keep track of how you are doing. You will also be able to remember a particular beer and why you liked it.

You can keep track of your visits to beer festivals, brewery tours, create your own beer cellar, and develop and track your own beer and food pairings. Also included are descriptions of all styles of beer to include key characteristics, organized according to the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines.